Jyoti Ceramic

Plant 1

Plant 2

Production Facilities

Battery of uniaxial and Isostatic Presses

Micro processor controlled high temp.gas fired tunnel Kiln

1800 Degree Celsius High Temperature Bell Type Kiln

300 Ton Powder Compacting Press

Multi Cavity Isostatic Press

150 Ton Multicavity Press

Tool Room Facilities

CNC Milling Centre

Wire EDM, Spark EDM

General View of Tool Room

Fast Hole Drilling CNC EDM

Research & Development (R & D)

Scanning Electron Microscope (S.E.M.)

Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence (E.D.X.R.F.)

Atomic absorption spectrophotometer (A.A.S.)

Thermo Gravity (T.G.) / Thermal Differential analysis (T.D.A.)


Laser Particle Size Analyser

Quality Assurance & Customer Care

Bead Crushing, Strength Testing Instrument

Universal Testing Machine (U.T.M.)

Contact free measuring Microscope

Laser Roundness Measuring Instrument

Salt Spray Analyser

High Speed Bead Mill for Wear Test