Alu-cera polymer panels are new generation Ceramic Composite Panel, a combination of sapphire hard abrasion resistant alumina ceramic cylinders/ceramic tiles vulcanized in resilient rubber base. Sapphire hard ceramic surface provides exceptional resistance to wear, while the elastic property of the rubber effectively dampens the impact forces which can crack the ceramics. Rubber also helps to substantially reduce the vibrations, sounds, and the impact shock generated from impacting rocks.

Laid out in zigzag and brick pattern, ceramic tiles/cylinders is an excellent feature for handling large material volumes at different angles without developing a wear pattern.

Ceramic Composite Panel for Absorbing High Impact Resistant
Alucera polymer panel

Advantages of using ALU - CERA Polymer Panels :
1. Sapphire hard and wear resistant ceramic tile / cylinder panels
2. Installation friendly therefore reduces downtime
3. Excellent sound insulation
4. Use as per special requirement in variety of sizes, thickness and shapes

Area of Applications Feeders, chutes, bins, transfer points, in conveyor systems, screen feed plates, mill discharge chutes, bunker etc.


MAJOR INDUSTRIES: Coal fired power plants, cement plants, blast furnace plants and host of other industries which requires high impact abrasion resistant surfaces.

Alu-cera composite polymer panels are available in various sizes. Ceramic Composite Panel is available from 10 mm x 10 mm to 100 mm x 150 mm; thickness of ceramic tile can be from 1.5 mm to 50 mm.

Panel size ranges from 100 mm x 100 mm to 500 mm x 500 mm, backed by an alloy steel plate with thickness ranging from 3 mm to 10 mm. As per the panel size, steel back plate is welded with suitable one or two number MS CSK.M16 BOLTS 45 mm long complete with MS washer and nut. Thickness of the rubber depends upon the impact stress expected.

Various applications of Alumina - Ceramic Composite Panel vulcanised in rubber

Demonstration of wear and low angle impingement resistant ceramic combined with natural rubber to absorb high impact and yield superior service life.

Pulley Lagging

Angle Returness

Vibrating Chute

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