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What is Zircosil?

For many years Jyoti has been manufacturing Zirconox - a wonder (high density 6.2 gm/cc Zirconium Oxide) ceramic micro milling beads and have gained worldwide popularity for this unique product. Over the period of time Zirconox has established a distinct identity in the bead market and Zirconox brand name has almost become synonymous with beads.

Looking to the market needs, and to cater to a new segment of customers who were on the look out for a low-cost medium density, long-lasting ceramic milling beads, we conducted extensive research and finally succeeded in developing Zircosil beads.

Zircosil is the registered name of Jyoti Ceramic Industries Pvt. Ltd. for their proprietary formulated Zirconium Silicate compound, developed specially for manufacture of medium density (4.4 gm/cc) ceramic micro milling beads.

Typical Properties
Chemical composition ZrSiO4
Density 4.4 gm/cc
Packing density / bulk density 2.60 Kg / ltr
Hardness on Vicker's scale (Hv10) 1100-1150
Hardness on Moh's scale 9.0
Crushing strength on 2.0 mm ø bead 72.5 Kgf
Water absorption Nil
Porosity Nil
Bead sphericity for 90% of the beads ≥ 0.9
Colour Light Grey
Surface finish Glossy, satin smooth
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