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What is 'Zircosil'? Applications of 'Zircosil' micro milling beadsComparative Chart on typical features of 'Zircosil' versus other makes
Guidelines for using 'Zircosil' ceramic micro beads Calculation of bead charge for the mill Advantages of using 'Zircosil' micro beads
Advantages of using 'Zircosil' micro beads

Since Zircosil beads are of higher density than the glass and many ceramic beads therefore, these beads are ideally suited for speedy dispersion / milling of hard and soft substances in high-low speed horizontal and vertical type bead mills, basket mills, attritor, turbo, pearl and sand mills.

Being Zircosil beads of low co-efficient of friction having smooth, glossy surface it will considerably enhance the bead life and reduce on wear of mill and its expensive parts. Zircosil beads have superior impact resistance due to their uniform and dense internal microstructure.

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