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Mixing Of Zircoat-HT & Zircoat-M

Thoroughly dry mix the Zircoat-HT powder, add clean tap water to it to form a smooth paste of toothpaste consistency. Add required quantity of water to adjust the consistency of the mix to suit brushing, trowelling or spraying applications.

To prepare mortar for repairs or plugging, use less amount of water in the mix. The pot life of the good mix is for around 8-10 hours at room temperature. Therefore consume the mix during this period.

For trowelling, brushing or spraying of furnace walls, hearth, ceiling, bridges etc., Zircoat-HT mortar thickness should be around 3mm. If required, further coats can be repeated at hourly intervals to increase the coating thickness. Zircoat-HT thickness should be thoroughly dried out. Zircoat-HT is also used as a cementing mortar for building and laying of new refractory brick lining for which minimum 7 to 8 days drying period is recommended.

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