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Zircoat Refractory Coatings

ZIRCOAT is zirconium rich, water - based refractory coating compound, which is available in two grades; ZIRCOAT-HT and ZIRCOAT-M respectively.

ZIRCOAT-M should be applied on the inside surface of metal chimneys to prevent corrosion caused due to heat and flue gases. ZIRCOAT-M is ideal for boilers, steel furnace shells,doors, furnace refractory linings, ceramic blankets and modules, kiln furniture, graphite crucibles etc. against heat and severe attacks of flue gases and fumes, where corrosion/erosion are chronic problem.

ZIRCOAT-M is ideal for ferrous and non-ferrous (except Aluminum) metals and refractories with maximum service temperature 1500ºC

ZIRCOAT-HT is ideal for refractories (except metals) maximum service temperature 1800ºC.

Zircoat is a special refractory coating compound with high percentage of Zirconia in its residual.
Zircoat seals the cracks developed on the inside walls of combustion chambers and prevents loss of hot gases escaping through them; thus conserving fuel energy loss which experts conservatively estimate at around 33%. We have vigorously tested Zircoat at 1300 to 1780 °C, in high temperature, electric, gas-fired kilns and found its performance extremely satisfactory. Zircoat considerably prolongs the life of refractories and steel shells of high-low temperature kilns.

Zircoat is the outcome of the untiring efforts put in by our scientists and technicians, backed by a state-of-the-art R&D laboratory.
Zircoat marks the development of a unique refractory coating compound, which will prove greatly beneficial to the industries where erosion/corrosion is a severe and chronic problem for refractories and kiln steel shells.

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