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Zircoat Refractory CoatingTypical PropertiesMain Characteristics & Advantages Of Zircoat-HT & Zircoat-MApplications
Zircoat-HT & Zircoat-M Application ProceduresMixing Of Zircoat-HT & Zircoat-MGuidelines To Use Zircoat-HT EfficientlyZircoat-M
Main Characteristics & Advantages Of Zircoat
1. Easy to apply by trowelling, brushing or spraying
2. Good adhesion to metals, refractory bricks, monolithics, castables and ceramic fibre modules, molten metal, graphite /carbon crucibles etc.
3. Excellent dry strength
4. Excellent resistance to powdering
5. Good adhesion
6. Good chemical resistance
7. Easy to mix


Reduction in slag adhesion
9. Resistant to severe attack and sand blasting effect of burning fuel oil
10. Considerable increase in service life of refractory linings and heating systems
11. Resistant to the influence of steam, acids, alkalies, fumes of sulphur and Vanadium compounds and molten metals.
12. Odourless and nonhazardous
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