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Zircoat-M is a wonder Zircon rich Refractory Coating Matrix ideal for metals and low temperature refractories.
Zircoat-M is Zircon rich refractory coating compound containing high percentage (63%) Zirconia and is most ideal for ferrous and non ferrous metals and refractories except Aluminum metal. Zircoat-M protects from corrosion erosion, chemical fumes and flue gases escaping from heating chambers and severely affecting metals and refractories and thus reducing their service life.
Chemical Analysis
ZrO2 63.00%
SiO2 28.86%
B2O3 0.63%
Al2O3 0.85%
TiO2 0.34%
Fe2O3 0.068%
CaO 0.91%
MgO 0.34%
Na 3.00%
Flouride 2.00%
Physical Properties
Colour Creamish
Density 2.90gm/cc
Wt. per cft. 178.5 lbs / 82 kgs
Bulk Factor 1.79
Cold crushing strength 297.5 kg / cm2
Shrinkage at 1200°C < 0.16%
Thermal shock resistance Excellent
Coefficient of Thermal expansion (25-1000°C) 4.32 x 10-6°C
Electrical properties Good Insulation
Temperature resistance 1500°C
Main uses of Zircoat-M

Zircoat-M is having good adhesion to adhere ferrous. non ferrous metals and low temperature refractories except Aluminium metal.

Protects metals and refractories from destructive heat-escaping from the heating ducts and combustion chambers creating corrosion. erosion and cavitations etc. Attacks of destructive chemicals, gases, fumes, flue gases etc. Zircoat-M enhances the service life of chimneys. ducts high temperature burning systems, combustion chambers, kiln furniture and ceramic fiber modules etc. Zircoat-M reduces expensive maintenance and plant shutdown cost considerably.

In metal chimenys:- Zirocat-M has to be applied on inside surface only.

Health & Safety
Zircoat-M is eco-friendly in use, odourless, non hazardous, non toxic, non radio active.
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