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Guidelines To Use Zircoat-HT Efficiently

Precaution: After coating the area with Zircoat-HT the first firing should be carried out slowly to avoid development of any surface cracks or other defects due to the moisture content in the coating material.

The applied Zircoat coating should be air dried for minimum 24 hours and then slowly raise the temperature to 600°C at 20 to 25°C / hr and then to operating temperature at around 50°C / hour. For large coating thickness adequate air dying is required to avoid cracks the Zircoat-HT coating

1. The surface to be coated with Zircoat-HT should be cleaned thoroughly.
2. Refractory surface should be cleaned with scraper or wire brush removing all loose pieces, particles etc.
3. Glossy surface should be roughened enough with an abrasive disc.
4. Before applying Zircoat-HT, the surfaces of refractories, castables etc. should be dampened with water.
5. Before mixing water to Zircoat-HT powder, it should be thoroughly dry-mixed. Then water should be added and mixed homogeneously for better adhesion. The pasty mass should be consumed within the stipulated pot life of 8 to 10 hours.
6. Mixing, applying, drying and first firing should be done strictly according to the procedures laid down in the brochure.
7. If coating beyond 2mm is applied, it should be in multiple layers for proper drying.
8. After consuming part quantity, the left out Zircoat-HT dry powder should be kept air tight to avoid absorption of outside moisture. This will ensure longer service life.
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