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Advantages and Applications

Easy To Use
Steatite grinding media are fully vitrified, non-porous, and satin smooth in surface finish, allowing easy and thorough cleaning while changing charge from one color shade to another.

Uniform Quality
Steatite grinding media are synthetic material produced in the most modern plant under stringent quality control and checks at various manufacturing levels to ensure quality consistency.

Longer Life
The best quality raw materials, most modern production equipment and rigid quality control checks at all processing levels elevate the grinding media to the highest quality level. After sintering grinding media are duly tumbled to reduce its initial wear loss by removing its fired skin and to obtain satin smooth surface finish. All these above processes ensure considerably longer life than traditional grinding media.

1. Paint and Varnish manufacturing industries.
Practically for all types and combinations of paints, primers, rust protection paints, pigments, film producing products of all kinds printing inks, carbon dyes on wax-and synthetic bases for carbon paper and typewriter ribbons, ribbon inks.
2. Pencil-colors, Ceramic stains, textile dyes, leather dressing colors etc.
3. Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industries.
Lubricants, photographic emulsions, recording tape materials, adhesive, binding agents for sealing substances, electroceramic matters, ferrities etc.

Food manufacturing industries
Cocoa and chocolate substances, coffee extracts, flat glazings and coating substances.


Plastic Industry.
Plastic dispersions, solutions for softening pigments, latex, fillers, vulcanising pastes etc.

7. Ceramic Industry-Glazes, Frits, Stains, Steatite Porcelain bodies.
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