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Structure of Ceramic Pyrometry Tubes Typical & Chemical PropertiesDuralox 997 Re-crystallised Alumina Ceramic DIN Standard 40680 Medium Class
DIN Standard 40680 Medium Class
Dimensional tolerances and allowances are conforming to DIN Standard 40680 Medium Class

For (OD-ID) Diameters-Length-Camber-Ovality and Eccentricity

On diameter Tolerances
1 to 5mm ± 0.2mm or 4% whichever is greater
5.1 to 40mm ± 0.3mm or 2% whichever is greater
On length  
20 to 150mm ± 0.5mm or 2% whichever is greater
151 to 1500mm ± 2mm or 1 % whichever is greater
Allowance on Camber 0.5% of the length
Allowance on Ovality 0.1 mm or 0.5% of the diameter whichever is the greater
Allowance on Bore eccentricity 0.05mm or 0.5% of the diameter

Tolerances closer than above on request.
Duralox alumina and mullite ceramic pyrometry tubes and parts are formed by high pressure extrusion, dry-wet bag isostatic pressing, uniaxial pressing, injection moulding and slip casting process, depending upon the geometry and construction of the part. We are constantly working for improvement of the product quality, hence the data given in the brochure may change as and when found necessary.

Information contained herein is to our best of knowledge, true and accurate and is based upon measurements made in our R&D Laboratory. Recommendations, suggestions and data are practical guidelines and not guarantees. Actual results may vary with conditions of use and with variations in the methods of manufacture, size and shape of the ceramic part. We disclaim any liability that may be incurred in connection with use of suggestions or data. This publication is not to be taken as license to operate under or a recommendation to infringe any patents. Observation of all legal regulations and patents is the responsibility of the user.

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