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Remarkable Wear Resistance of Zirconox Micro Beads
The following wear tests were carried out in high speed vertical lab bead mill on various ceramic micro milling beads.
Type of Beads   Bead Size
Dia 1.2 -1.7mm
Duralox : 92% Al203 (Jyoti)
Dia 1.2 -1.7mm
Zirconium Silicate :ZrO2SiO2 (France)
Dia 1.0 -1.6mm
Mg PSZ : MgO-PSZ (Israel)
Dia 1.4 -1.7mm
Ce.PSZ : ZrO2CeO2 (USA)
Dia 1.0 -1.2mm
Zirconox : ZrO2CeO2 (Jyoti)
Dia 1.2 -1.7mm
YTZ : ZrO2Y2O3 (Japan)
Dia 1.0mm
Mill Type Make
Vertical Lab Bead Mill, Union Process U.S.A.
01-HDDM, High Speed Vertical Lab Bead Mill
Mill Container
High purity 99.5% Alumina
Mill capacity
500 cc Net Volume
Mill Agitator Speed
3000 RPM (9.45 m/s)
Baryte Powder: 262 gm
125 ml
30 ml
Ceramic Media
Quantity 315 ml
After milling for 24 hours, beads were collected, washed and dried thoroughly, weighed on sensitive electronic balance (resolution: 10 mg) and the percentage weight loss was calculated as:
W1 - W2
x 100%
Where P = Percent Weight Loss, W1 = Initial Weight of Micro Beads, W2 = Final Weight of Micro Beads. The percent wear loss of beads was determined and tabulated as under:
The wear loss of Zirconox beads was found insignificant as well as caused lowest wear on mill contact parts. In most vigorous milling test at 3000 RPM (9.45 m/s), the average wear loss of Zirconox beads was observed @ 0.0017% per hour.
Graphical Representation of Wear Test Results
Media Type % Cumulative wt. loss Wear Test hrs.
Glass Beads 6.698 15
Alumina 92% Beads 5.94 15
Zirconium Silicate Beads 0.383 15
Ce Stabilized Beads (other make) 0.32 15
MgO Stabilized beads, USA 0.828 15
YTZ Stabilized beads, JAPAN 0.035 15
Zirconox beads, JYOTI 0.054 15
Practical Wear test With Zirconox-grinding beads (1.7-2.4mm) In comparison to actually used glass beads. Test conducted by TECHNOPLAN FARBTECHNIK GMBH&CO.KG GERMANY, June 1999.
In reference to the graph:
1 Initially the cost of Zirconox is higher by about 17 times than the glass beads.
2 In the course of usage of the mill for about 18 months, it is realized that the amount spent on both types of micro media is the same.
3 At the end of 24 months testing it is observed that the cost of glass beads has increased by 40 % than the Zirconox.
1 The above trend is mainly due to exorbitantly high wear of glass beads in comparison to Zirconox beads.
2 Figures from the graph indicate that the wear of glass beads is about 300 times higher than that of Zirconox.
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