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Zirconox - Micro Milling Beads

Consistent microstructure of Zirconox bead composition improves hardness and toughness, resulting in longer bead life, lesser mill down time due to elimination of broken beads inadvertently passing through the screen mesh. Zirconox beads last over 300 times longer than the glass beads, and 6-8 times than the Zirconium Silicate beads and 15 times than the MgO stabilized Zirconia beads.

Higher density of Zirconox beads leads to increased milling efficiency in discrete pass or recirculation grinding, reduced processing time, higher throughputs and ability of processing higher viscous formulations.

Zirconox beads are glossy satin smooth in surface finish, free of burrs and cracks, easily washable between formulations. Being low in coefficient of friction, Zirconox beads are gentle on expensive mill parts. Zirconox solid bead composition eliminates hollow beads that can shatter during milling, causing clogging of strainers, and wear of mill parts.

Uniform and narrow bead size distribution enhances milling efficiency and makes formulation particle-size distribution narrower.

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