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Application Guidelines
Zirconox milling beads are used worldwide in high and low speed vertical-horizontal type bead, sand, pearl, turbo and attritor mills for speedy micro-fine milling and dispersion of high viscous (15,000 – 50,000 cps), dielectric formulations, auto, architectural and allied paints, printing inks, colors, pigments, dyes, chemicals, magnetic coatings for audio video tapes, technical and electro ceramics, frits, glazes, minerals, clays, graphites, photocopier toners, carbon paper, typewriter ribbon coatings, cosmetics, toiletry products, pharmaceuticals and foodstuffs.

Zirconox beads are also used for shot peening treatment of metal surfaces and a host of other applications.
Auto & Allied Paints
Printing Inks
Enamels, Paints & Colours
Minerals & Calcium Carbonate
Audio, Video, Magnetic Tape Coating
Glues, Adhesives & Chemicals
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