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Tubular High Tension Igniting Electrodes

The simplest type of electric ignition is the high tension system, which usually takes the form of a mains transformer supplying some 10K volts to a pair of insulated electrodes placed to form a spark gap adjacent to the burner nozzle. The resultant spark acroos the gap is sufficient to ignite distillate medium fuel oils and most gas installations. In some installations a single elctrode may be mounted to utilize a part of the burner casing (or a special projection from it) to complete the circuit.

The growing use of various gases and oils as a burning fuel for both industrial and domestic boilers has led to development of equipment to control the burner under varying load conditions. During periods when no load is imposed on the boiler, the boiler is allowed to shut down, conversely when it is necessary to relight the burner the control gear switches on the ignition system again.

Ceramic insulators used in manufacture of igniters are availablein low-loss, alkali-free glazed/unglazed natural smooth surface finish steatite and 92-95% white/pink Aluminium Oxide glazed or unglazed in natural satin smooth surface-finish, as per the customer's choice.

Tubular ceramic insulators are available in Dia. 6 to 15mm x 50 to 550mm length.

Ceramic insulators used in manufacture of igniting electrodes are of high grade quality materials of following specifications :-
1. Jyoti grade HF82 low loss Alkali free steatite corresponding to German DIN standard KER 221 equivalent to IEC C-221 glazed or unglazed natural, satin smooth surface finish.
2. Jyalox 95 (containing 95% Al2O3) corresponding to German DIN standard KER 708.2 equivalent to ISO IEC C-795 High Density High Alumina ceramic pink or in white colour glazed/unglazed satin smooth surface finish.
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