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Wear Resistant Ceramic Tiles

Duralox ceramic is made from selected quality high purity synthetic alpha aluminum oxide powder. The raw mix composite is wet milled to micro fine particle size around 2.5 micron and the composite slurry is spray dried to form homogeneous free flowing spherical granules, such granules are pressed in tungsten carbide moulding tools in automatic uni-axial dry powder compacting presses under high compaction pressure around 2 Tons / cm2 to a green density of about 2.40 gms/cc. The pressed lining tiles and components are sintered at high temperature around 1600oC in micro processor controlled gas fired tunnel shuttle kilns in natural oxide atmosphere to form an impervious tough material.

The fired density of the tiles is > 3.7 g/ cc. High temperature sintering and typical manufacturing process makes Duralox ceramic structure extremely compact, tough and of higher hardness to withstand high impact and high abrasion in most difficult and critical operating conditions.

Duralox saves users more maintenance cost than the other wear resistant lining materials available in market. Considering high impact and sliding abrasion, Duralox out performs 85-87% alumina content ceramic materials and excels tool steel, stainless steel and Nickel chrome super alloys by as much as 40 times and weighs less than one half of the weight of steel. Duralox maintains its dimensional stability and safely resists temperature up to around 1400°C (2550°F) without any physical change or loss in abrasion corrosion wear resistance properties.

Duralox wear resistant ceramic lining is the only cost economical solution to prevent today's severe abrasion problems faced in the material handling systems and material processing industries.

Duralox abrasion-corrosion resistant ceramic lining tiles prolong the service life of the processing equipments and bulk material handling equipment under severe conditions beyond the limits of expectation.

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