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Tile Fixing Pattern

Duralox wear resistant lining tiles are available in plain, weldable and boltable patterns. Plain tiles can be affixed on metal, concrete, wood etc. surfaces with Fixowel F an epoxy based resin and hardener 2 part  adhesive matrix. Fixowel F can withstand maximum temp 150°C (302°F). Fixowel F is a non sagging adhesive of unusual binding strength, minimum toxicity. It cures within 24 hours at ambient temperature, it is excellent for bonding, sealing or filling gaps between wear plates. Provides certain degree of elasticity while maintaining good adhesion strength.

For higher temp resistance application we recommend stud weldable or boltable tiles.
Duralox Weldable and Boltable Tiles are with conical type single or two holes according to the size of the tile or customer requirements, for use of cup type metal studs to arc weld the stud to metal backing. Boltable tiles are suitable where arc welding facilities are not available and easy replacement of tiles is required. Boltable tiles can be affixed with nut and bolt by inserting the bolt instead of metal welding stud.

Duralox weldable and boltable lining tiles are provided with suitable size and quantity of cup type metal studs, 8mm Dia hex head bolts and nuts, ceramic plugs and suitable grade polymer cement to shield and seal the remaining hole area in tiles. For weldable tiles thin layer of Fixowel F is recommended for better fixation of tile on surface. Also it provides cushion to impact developed during flow of material from high altitude.

1. Duralox Wear Resistant Tiles 2. Back Plate 3. Layer of Fixowel F epoxy adhesive 4. Duralox Shield Plug 5. Metal Stud Welding cup
3-4mm thick asbestos padding sheet 7. Metal Back Plate 8. Arc Welding 9. Metal Fastener
Guidelines to ensure better service performance
In order to obtain the maximum wear service life from the Duralox wear resistant lining tiles:

Each lining has to be individually adopted to the specific problem of wear, affix the tiles edge to edge tight and close with proper adhesion or fixing method.


Selection of the tiles from standard size range will be very much cost effective, as compared to custom made tiles.


On the basis of available tile sizes, selection of tile thickness, installation, fixing methods to be selected in accordance with the requirement i.e. angle of flow of material, type of impact from the flowing stream of the material, abrasion-corrosion and temperature.


Wear loss of tiles can be reduced in many applications if staggered laying of tile pattern is adopted.


For adhesive fixation, thoroughly clean and roughen the surface enough, to hold the tiles strongly on it, allow proper curing time as specified in adhesive brochure.


Apply required quantity adhesive on surface to be lined as well as on Duralox tiles thoroughly avoiding voids or air bubbles if any developed while applying the adhesive.

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