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Duralox Thin Lightweight Tiles

Duralox thin tiles are widely used in application requiring light weight, tough, abrasion-resistant linings for conveyor systems in which higher weight must be the major factor because of elevated location or other considerations, involving handling of asbestos, light weight minerals, grain, sand, coal ash, cement clinkers, dust collector fines and host of many other similar substances.

For stud weld and boltable system, minimum tile thickness 13mm and width 50mm with single or two taper holes as per the customer's requirements. Hextiles are available in thickness 3.2, 6, 10 and 12.5mm in standard 152 x 152mm Sq. mats. Hex tiles are mounted on strong synthetic fabric mesh. Approx 1.5mm space left out in between the tiles to make the mat pattern. Hex and square tile mats are also available in tight pack pattern without any space left out in between the tiles.

Duralox square tiles are mounted on 160 x 160mm square synthetic fabric mesh. Hex and square tile mat sizes can be altered to custom size up to 0.5 mtr x 0.5 mtr square mat to meet specific requirements.

Side angled pipes
Duralox side angled tiles are available in thickness 13mm to 25mm for pipe and bend linings. Duralox tiles are sharp edged, smooth in surface, free of burr, cracks, chipping, dents and loose firing sand. Tile dimensional tolerances are maintained within ±0.5mm or 2% whichever is greater and bow allowance within 0.25mm or 0.5% of the length. We ensure Duralox wear tiles are maintained within minimum possible tolerance level.
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