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Manufacturing Process

The raw mix composite is wet milled to micro fine particle size around 2.5 microns and the milled composite slurry is spray dried to form homogeneous free flowing spherical granules. Such granules are pressed in tungsten carbide moulding tools in automatic uni-axial compacting presses under high compaction pressure around 2 tons/cm2 to a green density about 2.40 gm/cc. The pressed bricks are sintered at high temperature around 1650° C in micro processor controlled gas fired tunnel/shuttle kilns in natural oxidising atmosphere, to form an impervious tough material. The fired density of Duralox lining bricks is 3.7 gm/cc.

Micro fine body particle size, high compaction pressure, high sintering temperature and typical manufacturing process makes Duralox ceramic structure extremely compact, tough and of higher hardness to withstand high impact erosion and high abrasion in most critical mill operating conditions.

Duralox lining bricks are free from voids, air pockets and hair line cracks as generally observed in ceramic lining bricks which are produced by wet pressing or extrusion process.

For higher temp resistance application we recommend stud weldable or boltable tiles.
Duralox Weldable and Boltable Tiles are with conical type single or two holes according to the size of the tile or customer requirements, for use of cup type metal studs to arc weld the stud to metal backing. Boltable tiles are suitable where arc welding facilities are not available and easy replacement of tiles is required. Boltable tiles can be affixed with nut and bolt by inserting the bolt instead of metal welding stud.

Duralox weldable and boltable lining tiles are provided with suitable size and quantity of cup type metal studs, 8mm Dia hex head bolts and nuts, ceramic plugs and suitable grade polymer cement to shield and seal the remaining hole area in tiles. For weldable tiles thin layer of Fixowel F is recommended for better fixation of tile on surface. Also it provides cushion to impact developed during flow of material from high altitude.

Battery of Spray Driers
Battery of high temperature gas-fired shuttle kilns
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