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Mill Lining Installation made customer-friendly

The true value of ball mill lining is measured by its length of trouble free service in relation to mill output production, whether the mill is small or large, tube or conical, flat or radius end, batch or continuous type, and whether it is dry or wet milling. With over 33 years of our ceramic manufacturing experience coupled with modern manufacturing facilities, we at Jyoti offer cad-cam designed, custom engineered mill lining brick sets to fit ball mills without any cutting, chipping or grinding of bricks at customers' end. Lining bricks are match marked and are supplied with detailed installation drawing. Under the supervision of civil/mechanical engineer any skilled/semi skilled mason can conveniently install the lining in the mill by referring to the brick installation drawing corresponding to the bricks duly match marked.

Duralox mill lining bricks are available in a wide range of thickness sizes from 25mm to 75mm to suit 300mm to 4000mm and above dia size mills.
We, at Jyoti, require only a copy of the mill drawing showing precise inside dimensions of the mill shell, door, lid and frame. Rest is our engineers' job to select the right size lining bricks for your mills.

Duralox mill linings are excellent to resist high impact, high abrasion wear. They catalyze grinding media for speedy crushing and milling of hard and heavy substances to micro fine particle size.

Duralox mill lining and grinding media are ideal performance partners and last many times longer than steel, rubber, polyurethane, felsite, granite, porcelain, steatite and other traditional ceramic lining materials.
While selecting the lining and grinding media material, it is most important to check that the required output and presumed service life are not the only decisive factors, but in many cases construction of the ball mill, its drive and motor power have to be considered carefully before switching over to materials of high specific gravity such as Duralox. Also it is important to consider the reaction of the abrasion on the materials to be ground.Although very small amount of abrasive substance exists in highly dispersed form, still this can cause undesired effects on the grinding ingredients i.e. highly sensitive products such as paper pigments and printing inks.

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