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Duralox Grinding Media

Under normal working conditions Duralox mill linings last about 12 times longer than steel, rubber etc. and 25 to 30 times longer than stone and other conventional ceramic lining materials.

Duralox grinding media are higher in density as compared to Steatite. Density of Duralox is 3.65 - 3.70 gm/cc.  Duralox media is ideal for milling hard and abrasive kind of substances having hardness of 7 and above on Moh's scale. Due to its higher density and higher hardness, contamination level is negligible and grinding is faster than porcelain, steatite and other conventional grinding media. Being higher in density Duralox media generate heat above 65° C during the milling process. Hence Duralox media are not recommended for milling or dispersion of heat-sensitive formulations. Duralox grinding media comes in ball shape and cylinders with chamfered end corner.
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