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Contamination and Wear

Contamination can cause a problem as both the mill walls and media wear affect sintering properties of the component manufactured from the ground body. For instance, milling alumina powder with porcelain or silica media can result in about 0.1 % contamination per hour. Milling silicon carbide and alumina powder together to produce nano composites using Zirconia balls also results in significant contamination, increasing the sintering temperature considerably. Control of wear rates can be achieved by proper selection of media and mill lining as well as by optimising milling conditions. The chemistry and % water content of the milling fluid can also have an effect on wear of grinding media, its milling time etc.


In case of lining a mill with 125mm to 150mm thick natural stones, it takes enormously long time to shape each and every stone to match the mill size and its pattern. Also thicker stone lining reduces the mill volume considerably. A strong thin Duralox lining brick can put more working volume in a mill, for example a 50mm thick Duralox mill lining provides about 30% more volume than 125mm thick natural stone lining in a 1800 mm dia x 1800 mm L Ball Mill.

Duralox ceramic mill lining bricks, being of sapphire hardness, are found most difficult to cut, chip, grind to a shape or size them at customers' end. We suggest to select plant engineered lining bricks which are custom manufactured.

We at Jyoti maintain a well-equipped ceramic machining workshop to engineer and machine the bricks in green stage.

Ceramic brick designing and engineering division is equipped with computer aided designing (CAD). Engineered lining bricks are designed by our team of qualified and highly experienced professionals and bricks are machined by expert craftsmen using modern machining equipment.

Custom engineered Duralox mill lining bricks are machined and match marked in green stage taking into account allowance for shrinkage during sintering. Duralox pre-engineered mill lining bricks provide tight and close fitting.

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