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Jyoti ceramic research engineers have been formulating ceramic materials for over 33 years to exist in hostile environments. Extending this professionally in house developed technology and using modern manufacturing facilities Jyoti made an entry into the wear corrosion resistant ceramic lining materials with a newly formulated superior Alumina ceramic material called Duralox a natural extension of existing capabilities. Whether you are moving iron ore, minerals, cement, coke, coal ash, glass gravel, grain or potato chips.

Duralox wear tiles can significantly extend the life of your bulk material handling system by providing a wear resistant lining material that lasts longer when other materials give way.

  Duralox wear tiles are far superior and long lasting than tool steel, stainless steel, fused cast basalt, polymers, traditional wear resistant ceramics and most other materials commonly used for wear resistant applications.
Uncompromising composition
  Duralox wear tiles are ideally suited for high abrasion applications where high compressive strength, impact durability and high temperature stability are required. A few of the typical applications, in thermal power generation plants, where Duralox wear tiles can be successfully used, are given below:Linings for vibrating feeder tables, feed and discharge spouts, fan housing, pot line hoods, burner line elbows, centrifuge liners, scraper bars, coal conveyor pipes, pneumatic conveyors, cyclone separators, transfer chutes, duct work, hoppers, hydro cyclones, skirt boards, pulveriser classifier cones and housing liners, ash lines, dewatering equipment, pulp mills and host of many other equipment applications.
Duralox wear tiles can be used for the following applications in the steel industry:
1 Sinter chutes and hoppers
2 Feeder tables
3 Receiver hoppers
4 Skip cars
5 Live bin bottoms
6 Coke weigh hoppers
7 Coke Wharf floors
8 Ore funnels
9 Belt conveyor drum pulleys
Cyclone separators, fan housing blades, classifier cones, elbows, lined piping, wear panels and host of many applications. In addition to the power, steel and coal industries, Duralox ceramic linings are used in material handling systems for dry materials, slurries and dust laden gases in a variety of industries including:
1 Ceramics
2 Minerals
3 Abrasives
4 Cement
5 Sand
6 Coal
7 Coke
8 Glass
9 Grain
10 Foodstuff
11 Paper
12 Pulp
13 Metals and host of many other abrasive materials.

The life of wear parts can be extended from mere months to years.
The investment in Duralox linings will return handsome dividends that are equally apparent to the operating, management and cost accounting people involved. Any company involved in expensive handling of bulk materials or involved in processing abrasive kind of materials or in dust control would be amazed at the years of documented savings in maintenance chalked up by others in similar operations who have switched over to Duralox linings.

Duralox in addition to extra ordinary impact and sliding abrasion resistance, possesses excellent chemical inertness, shows insignificant or no reaction with most common high concentration acidic or alkaline solutions, salts and organic solvents except hydrofluoric acid. Duralox ceramic is non contaminating, it won't rust, oxidize or decompose. It provides absolute protection from material contamination and retains its structural and surface integrity.

Duralox reduces 25% to 40% plant and production cost by eliminating excessive maintenance and plant down time.
Duralox tiles being non porous and smooth in surface, facilitate speedy flow of material with minimum flow friction over it.Moisture cannot penetrate it, therefore there are remote chances of sticking or freezing of material over it.

Duralox Hex tile linings are ideal for protecting pipe and similar concave and convex surfaces. Hex tile is used for lining both concave and convex curved sections where other types of tile will not readily fit. This unique, flexible, pre-mat mounted tile permits easy, rapid, low cost, do it yourself surfacing of curved sections.

Hex tiles are mounted on 6"x6" square (152x152mm) synthetic fabric mesh leaving tile all around 1.5 mm gaps to make the mat pattern flexible. Besides flexible pattern can also offer hextile mats in tight pack pattern without gaps.

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