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Advantages And Applications

Duralox 92W grinding media features high density and super hardness which enables the users to achieve superior grinding efficiencies, compared with conventional grinding media such as porcelain, flint, natural stones etc.

The high wear resistant Duralox 92W effectively eliminates product contamination and other problems associated with the use of lower quality grinding media which may be prone to chemical attack or short mill life.

The special features make Duralox 92W grinding media specially useful for particle size reduction and fine grinding of the most sensitive products for a wide range of critical applications.

Duralox high density-high alumina ceramic grinding media can be used in Ball Mills, Attritors and Vibro Energy Grinding Mills for Contamination Free Wet or Dry, Fine and Efficient Grinding of Ceramics, White Cement, Feldspar, Quartz, Enamels, Paints, Pigments, Colors, Ink, Dyes Paper Pulp, Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals.

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