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Zircon Based - 2 Components - Cold Curing
Zircocem-1 is a 2 component, zircon based, inorganic ceramic adhesive cement with chemical setting having low thermal expansion. Its 2 components consist of a fine dry powder (Part I) and a liquid (Part II) as the curing agent to be mixed together to form the cementing paste, in the specified ratio as given below:  

Mixing Ratio
Powder (Part I)
Liquid (Part II)
2 Parts by wt.
1 part by wt.
80 Gms by wt. 
40 gms by wt.

Shake the liquid (Part II) thoroughly before weighing and place in a clean dry container. Add the Zircocem-1 (Part I) powder gradually to this weighed liquid (part II) and mix thoroughly to make a smooth uniform paste of tooth paste consistency. Mixing can be done manually using a spatula or in a mixer at a slow speed. Use the cement paste immediately.

Since Zircocem-1 ceramic adhesive cement is very quick to dry, it is important to finish the mixed quantity within 15-20 minutes of mixing, before it hardens. Leave the cemented parts to air-dry for a period of 18-24 hours at ambient temperature. If the ambient temperature is lower than 25°C/77°F, gentle oven heating at 90°C (194°F) for 1½ to 2 hours may be implemented. Do not apply direct heat and avoid steaming of entrapped moisture while drying, as this may develop cracks on the cemented areas. If higher moisture resistance is required suggest applying a coat of suitable lacquer or silicon coating on the cured Zircocem-I exposed cemented surface.

Do not use excess quantity of liquid for it will reduce the mechanical strength and the cement may fail to adhere properly. Do not attempt to re- temper by adding more liquid to the cement paste. However, this cement can be mixed to a marginally thinner consistency by regulating the quantity of the (Part II) liquid component.


  • Fixing of Halogen Lamp- Cap, embedding electrical heating elements, wire wound resistors etc.
  • Adhering glass to glass, glass to ceramic, ceramic to ceramic, glass to metal, ceramic to metal etc.
  • Fixing the lining of furnaces, kilns, refractories

Zircocem-1 cement powder & Glass and ceramic parts of Halogen Lamp cemented with Zircocem-1


  • Excellent chemical and thermal shock resistance
  • Maximum service temperature 1250°C (2282°F)
  • Excellent mechanical strength.    

 Typical Properties

1 Colour : Off white
2 Density : 2.26 gms/cm3
3 Water Absorption : Approx 10-12 %
4 Compressive Strength : 274 kgs/cm2
5 Linear Shrinkage : 0.50% to 0.70%
6 Tensile Strength : 32 kgs/cm2
7 Maximum service temperature : 1250°C / 2282°F
8 Dielectric constant : 5.0 - 7.0
9 Dielectric strength    
  At 21°C (70°F) : 980 to 2000 Volts/mm
  At 399°C (750°F) : 490 to 980 Volts/mm
  At 801°C ( 1475°F) : 510 Volts/mm
10 Co-efficient of thermal expansion ( 25°C - 1000°C / 77°F - 1832°F) : 4.5 – 5 x 10-6 / °C
11 Volume Resistivity    
  At 21°C  (70°F)   107 - 109 ohm-cm
  At 399°C (750°F)   104 - 106 ohms - cm
  At 810°C (1475°F)   102 - 103 ohms - cm

All pots and tools used for mixing the cement paste should be thoroughly cleansed with detergent and water before the cement cures.

Zircocem-1 adhesive (part I) cement powder is available in 1, 5 and 25 Kgs. strong air tight HDPE plastic containers. ZIRCOCEM-1 (part II) liquid is supplied in proportionate quantity in strong airtight plastic containers.

Zircocem-1 powder (part I) and liquid (part II) have a shelf life of one year when stored in air tight original containers in dry conditions at ambient temperature.

The information given herein is based on the results obtained from our R&D lab & is believed to be reliable.  However, since the conditions of application and use of Zircocem-1 is beyond our control, we cannot stand warranty nor accept representation regarding the results obtained by the use of the product, or that such use will not infringe on any patent. This information is provided in good faith that the user will evaluate the material through testing and determine the suitability of the product before use. Liability of Jyoti Ceramic Industries ceases for any damage, injury etc. caused by the mishandling of the product. Jyoti Ceramic Inds. Pvt. Ltd. disclaims any warranty of merchantability or fitness for particular application.

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