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Alucem HT 1 & 2

Alucem HT 1 & 2 are inorganic water based high temperature resistant (> 1500º C) chemical setting ceramic adhesive cements ideal for bonding, assembling, sealing, joining glass to glass, glass to ceramics, ceramics to metals, ceramics to ceramics, ceramics to quartz and many such bonding applications.

Alucem-HT 1 & 2 cements possess excellent adhesion and bonding strength, good in thermal, electrical and mechanical properties, maximum continous working temperature > 1500ºC.

Alucem-HT 1 & 2 cements can also be used in electrical application such as bonding, potting, encapsulation of electrical heater elements, metal terminal parts, embedding hot plates, resistor elements etc.

Alucem-HT 1 & 2 cements can be used for thin and thick coatings and for bonding application.

Alucem-HT 1 & 2 cements are available as follows.

HT-1 water based single component ceramic adhesive cement ready to use paste.

HT-2 water based two component inorganic ceramic adhesive cement (powder / liquid)

Alucem - HT 1 adhesive cement paste typical properties :
Alucem-HT 1 single component water based paste.
Off white
Smooth paste of tooth paste consistency
PH at 25ºC
Between 11 - 12
Alucem-HT 1 paste is ready to use and can be applied directly on thoroughly abraded , cleaned parts to be cemented. Follow the same curing procedure as per the direction given for Alucem-HT 2 cement.

AluCem-HT 2 cement two component ceramic adhesive (powder / liquid)

Parameters Powder Liquid
Colour White dry powder Slightly turbid
Mesh size Passed through 60 mesh sieve --
PH --


Mixing ratio

Powder      Liquid

      1        :     1      by weight
Pot life at 25ºC 30 minutes  
Curing time 24 Hrs at 25ºC for 1 mm thick coat

Alucem-HT 1 & 2 inorganic ceramic adhesive cements should be allowed to harden at a ambient, temperature 25 to 35ºC until the initial setting has taken place. If heat curing is possible the hardening process may be accelerated using the following time curing schedule.

Heat Alucem-HT 2 cement from room temperature to 80ºC @ 4 ºC per minute for about 15 minutes.
Hold this temperature for about 15 - 30 minutes.
Heat 80ºC - 140 ºC @ 2ºC per minute for about 30 minutes. Hold temperature for about 120 - 180 minutes.
Heat 140 ºC - 200ºC @ 0.5ºC per minute for about 300 minutes.
Typical properties for HT-1 and HT-2 cements
1 Density
2.3 gm/cc3
2 Compressive strength
425 Kg/cm2
3 Flexural strength
210 Kg/cm2
4 Tensile strength
> 40 Kg/cm2
5 Co-efficient of linear thermal expansion (20 ºC – 1000 ºC)
5 x 10-6
6 Thermal conductivity
3 w/m-1 / k
7 Dielectric strength
7 – 10 Kv / mm at 25ºC
8 Volume resistivity
>107 at 25ºC
9 Shelf life for HT-1 (@ 25ºC)
4 to 6 months in original closed airtight container
10 Shelf life for HT-2
12 months in a original closed airtight container
11 Packaging
Alucem-HT 1 & 2 cements are available in 5,10 Kgs. in strong sturdy HDPE plastic containers and liquid in plastic bottles.                                    

Disclaimer: The information gathered in this write up is based on the results obtained from our R&D Laboratory. Since the application conditions and use of AluCem-HT adhesive cements are beyond our control, we cannot stand any warranty or accept representation regarding the results obtained by the user of the product, or that such use will not infringe on any patent. This information is provided in good faith that the user will evaluate the material through testing and determine the suitability of the product. Jyoti ceases the liability for any damage, injury etc. caused by the mishandling of the product. Jyoti disclaims any warranty of merchantability or fitness for particular application.
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