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Aluma Coat - TW (Trowellable)

USP: Converts soft surfaces to corrosion and abrasion resistant.
Aluma Coat-TW: Is a Trowellable 2 part epoxy resin based coating compound. It comprises of sintered sapphire hard aluminium oxide ceramic micro beads doped in resin, designed to resist chemical attack, cavitation, abrasion, moderate impact and also withstand maximum
150° C/302° F temperature.
Aluma Coat TW can be applied on any surface, such as ferrous, non ferrous metals, stone, concrete, wood, plastics etc.
Areas of Application: Chutes, rod and bal mill feed plates, pan feeders, conveyors, bucket elevators, dust collectors, cyclones, soil and rock box outlets, hoppers, classifiers, pipe elbows and slurry lines, coal exhausters, chip cyclones, tanks, dredging equipments etc.
Major Industries: Mining and mineral processing,dredging industry, Cement Industry,Power industry,petrochemical industry,pulp and paper,Fertilizer and host of many other surface treatments requiring corrosion and abrasion resistance.
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