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Coating Quality
At Jyoti Ceramics, we believe our real work begins at the application stage in our customer’s workshop. Keeping this in mind, our dedicated Q.C team strives relentlessly to ensure optimum quality assurance and customer care.
Surface Treatment
For long term performance of Aluma coat a proper surface preparation is most important. The exact requirement of surface preparation depends upon the severity of the application, expected service life and initial surface condition.
For making the surface free from dirt, grease, oil etc we recommend to use any industrial grade cleaner.
For removing rust we suggest roughening the surface with suitable hand tools.
For severe applications use SA2.5 grade grit or sand blasting.
All this should follow up by vacuum cleaning or oil free dry blasting.
A clean abraded surface will hold the applied coating compound firmly.
Working time and curing of the coatings depends on temperature and mixing mass.
Higher the ambient temperature faster will be the rate of curing.
To reduce the curing time for Aluma coat coating compound at lower ambient temperatures
We recommend
  a) Store Aluma coat at room temperature.
  b) Pre-heat the surface to be repaired until warm to touch.
To test for serviceable surface
Pierce a finger nail into the Aluma coat coated area, if the nail pierces in the coating, it indicates that the coating is not cured, allow the coating for further period of curing. But if the nail fails to pierce then it indicates that the coating has completely cured and surface is in serviceable condition.
Shelf Life for Aluma Coat TW/BR Resin part at 25-30 ºC/77-86ºF: around 12 months in original air tight container.
Shelf life for Aluma Coat TW/BR Hardener at 25-30 ºC / 77-86/ºF: around 8 months in original air tight container.
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