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Aluma Coat - BR (Brushable)

USP: A corrosion,abrasion and chemical resistant coating.


Aluma Coat–BR: is a specially formulated 2 part Epoxy based coating consisting 80% micro fine sintered ceramic powers. Aluma coat – BR is a satin smooth,high gloss,low friction coating designed to protect surface against turbulence, corrosion, erosion, chemical attack and withstand maximum 150°C /302°F temperature. Aluma Coat BR can be applied steel structure, prone to corrosion due to saline atmosphere, liquid contacts and corrosion due to chemicals.

Areas of Application: Fan propellers, pump shafts, pump housings, flanges, machines ways, anti-friction bearing housings, sleeve ports, castings of submersible water pumps, potable water tanks, chemical handling pumps, butter fly valves, repairs of pin hole leakage due to sludge line erosions and for many other applications where abrasion, cavitation corrosion and chemical corrosion are the chronic problems.

Major Industries: Shipping, Cement, Fertilizer, Paper pulp, Sugar and host of other industries which require surface treatments for corrosion and erosion resistance.

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